Microbattery Product Platform

Energy-dense, long-lasting devices
for ultracompact applications

The Ensurge Microbattery Product Platform (MPP) enables energy dense, highly reliable, and fundamentally safe solid-state lithium microbatteries ideal for form-factor-constrained applications including hearables, wearables, and connected sensors.

The platform combines the fundamental benefits of solid-state chemistry with the advantages of Ensurge’s unique ultrathin stainless steel substrates to deliver a family of premium microbattery products that can be rapidly and efficiently customized for unique customers designs. MPP-based products leverage highly innovative stacking and packaging methods and are designed to scale using Ensurge’s unique roll-based manufacturing technology.

Image of three different Ensurge SSLB sizes

Premium performance and reliability

Hearables, wearables, and connected sensors are among the most demanding commercial-scale applications for rechargeable microbatteries. The Ensurge MPP is designed to deliver best-in-class volumetric energy density to maximize energy storage in the smallest possible packages. Enhanced charge/discharge cycling performance provides 2-3x the rated charge cycles of common lithium-ion batteries.

To enable short-range wireless communication, MPP-based designs provide pulse discharge capability to enable Bluetooth Low Energy transmission essential for data transfer operations.

Ensurge MPP-based microbatteries maximize safety for on-body and near-body applications. With no toxic liquid electrolyte to leak and no risk of fire or explosion, MPP-based products have fundamental safety advantages compared to lithium-ion alternatives.

Innovative stacking and packaging for limitless possibilities

The Ensurge Microbattery Product Platform extends the advantages of solid-state chemistry to a wide variety of ultracompact form factors through the application of innovative stacking and packaging methods. Because each battery layer is fabricated on ultrathin stainless steel substrates as thin as 10 microns, Ensurge can maximize volumetric energy density while enabling ultracompact footprints required in hearables and other miniaturized applications.

Ensurge stacking technology allows for a high degree of customization to tailor MPP-based products to the unique shape and energy capacity requirements of a particular application. With a best-in-class volumetric energy density roadmap, MPP-based microbatteries can store an equivalent amount of energy in a thinner package, freeing designers to build more attractive and comfortable hearables and wearables.

Contact Ensurge to learn how MPP-based microbatteries can energize innovation in your most challenging designs.

Image of stacked SSLB layers